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//##trace.blocked##// 2949.02.14_04:46SET To: scire_facias From: Guvnoir Subject: Sec Sweep Scire, I’m in desperate need of your expertise. Since we last crossed paths, I’ve been laying low. Was even earning an honest day’s wage u...
Published Feb 20, 2019
Hello everyone, Valentine’s Day is but a sweet memory, yet after celebrating all weekend long with community-made Valentines and limited-time ship offers, you still have until 11:59pm PST today to pick up Anvil’s limited-edition H...
Published Feb 18, 2019
We sit down with guests from the audio team working on Star Citizen and Squadron 42, discussing various aspects from music to SFX to mixing and more. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into
Published Feb 15, 2019
Delve into the exciting world of Asset Optimization, get stuck in ArcCorp traffic, and meet the latest Star Citizen ship in this week’s update.
Published Feb 14, 2019
Published Feb 14, 2019
Just FYI. 3.3 is supposed to go out to everyone today. I think on PTU.
playing with my son a few nights a week...if anyone else is online, look me up! Miss you guys :)
Online on ESO now....
Added clustering for the server for all 3 maps. You can transfer between them now. Please come play with me. I am bored with only me and my son :p
Just for information. If anyone is interested I threw a 30 slot Ark server back up. details are in the Ark Server back up thread
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