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Q&A: Drake Kraken Following the launch of the Kraken from Drake Interplanetary, we took your community-voted questions to our designers to give you more information on the recently unveiled capital ship. Special thanks to John Cre...
Published Oct 19, 2018
Photos of CitizenCon 2948 attendees on the Dragonfly.
Published Oct 19, 2018
John Crewe and Paul Jones join Jared at CitizenCon 2948 to discuss the Drake Kraken and Anvil Valkyrie. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into
Published Oct 19, 2018
A look back at some of the fun, immersive highlights of CitizenCon 2948.
Published Oct 19, 2018
Galactic Guide: Leir System This Galactic Guide originally appeared in Jump Point 4.10. Leir is an unclaimed system that some once thought would develop into a major hub for Humanity. Discovered by an ICC scanning team canvassing Ban...
Published Oct 17, 2018
Just FYI. 3.3 is supposed to go out to everyone today. I think on PTU.
playing with my son a few nights a week...if anyone else is online, look me up! Miss you guys :)
Online on ESO now....
Added clustering for the server for all 3 maps. You can transfer between them now. Please come play with me. I am bored with only me and my son :p
Just for information. If anyone is interested I threw a 30 slot Ark server back up. details are in the Ark Server back up thread
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