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This week on Around the Verse, we check in with LA Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis for a Star Citizen project update, and get a detailed look at how sound factors into the immersion and storytelling of the Persistent Universe. And fo...
Published Mar 22, 2018
“All right, Jess. I’m heading there now.” With a flick, Umar closed the comm channel. Break time over. Swinging his feet out of the bunk, a swarm of sandwich crumbs cascaded off his chest and onto the bed. He really should start eating a...
Published Mar 21, 2018
Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU. This week, we get answers on Market Tracking, Radar Displays, High-Velocity E...
Published Mar 19, 2018
Top of the mornin’ to you Citizens! We hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s weekend – or in case you’re living in Ireland, still enjoy a fantastic Paddy’s Bank holiday Monday! But as all enjoyable things must come to an end eventual...
Published Mar 19, 2018
Production Illustrator Jim Martin (Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Matrix & Alien film series and more) stops by to chat his work for Star Citizen. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into
Published Mar 16, 2018
is anyone planning on picking up sea of thieves?
I have everything backed up. It is reinstalling all the crap that is a pitfa
Even though I am not a big hockey fan I simply could not turn that womens gold medal game off last night. Holy crap what a game!
hehe ... I assume I will have to that periodically now and have rigid backup scenario which definetely makes it easier
Gotta say reinstalling windows blows
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